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What a weekend!
Saturday I had to wake up at 7 am to be in Zürich the right time for a rehearsal with the orchestra.
I am playing guitar in that orchestra and have to play most of the solo parts as most of the other players are amateurs.

After the rehearsal I had to hurry to be right back for a rehearsal with Magdalena. I recorded two pieces to check balance and my playing (and to provide Magdalena with material to check her singing). It's work in progress.

Here is a piece by Marco Cara:

Today teh second rehearsal with the orchestra startet at 9 am.

Afterwards I used the fine weather to have a walk through my town.

I took some pictures and found on my camera some pics from silvester.

Gib den Inhalt deines Cuts hier ein.

another pic drom silvester. I like the colors

Some Pics from todays walk:

And finally I found new friends:

And those who made it up tp here: as a "Thank you" you may want to listen to Magdalena again?

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