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Some more music ...

while trying to find a start for the promised story I 'adding some more music.

First of all I would like to intrduce to you my baroque swiss beauty:

And a piece I played on it. It's 'La belle indifferente" by Hoffer, a composer working in Mainz for a fairly long period before he went to Vienna where the piece is preserved. The lute tablature looks like this:

And here is what I've done out of it:

a while ago I played a program entirely on my 11-course Baroque Lute.

Here some excerps (low quality recording with a small mobile Mini-Disk Recorder):

Roman Turovsky masaccio created a family of composers and their complete work.
Here the Sonata XXIV

I don't want to post the complete program but  here are some movements taken from Weiss Sonata in F-Major:

The Allemande

The Courante

The Bourre

The Sarabande

The Gigue

And the encores were from the Balcarres Ms.

A scotch Tune

and finally

"If I were a rich man"

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