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Berichte ...

Ich bin weit hinterher mit meinen Berichten. Und Livejournal scheint auch etwas Probleme zu haben.

Von der langen Nacht der Museen in Zürich ist zu berichten und ich habe mir auch über dies und das Gedanken gemacht, die ich niederschreiben möchte. Doch heute schaue ich Werner Herzogs Variante von "Nosferatu" auf Arte.

Neben Francis Ford Coppolas Version und natürlich dem Original meiner Meinung nach die beste Verfilmung dieses Stoffes.

Deep in the heart of Germany, Lucy clutched her breast in fear, she heard a beat of her lover's heart, for weeks she raved, in dreams he appeared .... From far off Transylvania

Only a woman can break his spell, pure in heart who will offer herself.... To Nosferatu..

The ship pulled in without a sound....The faithful captain long since cold.. he kept his log to the bloody end.. Last entry read... "Rats in the hold, my crew is dead, I fear the plague..

Mortal terror reigns, sickness now then horrible death.. Only Lucy knew the truth and at her window.. Nosferatu

So chaste so calm she gave herself...To the pleasure of the dreaded master, he sucked her precious drops of life.. throughout the long and cold dark night..

One last goodbye.. he was blinded by love..

He screamed with fear...He'd stayed too long in her room.. the morning sun had come too soon.. The spell was broken with a kiss of doom.. he vanished into dust.. left her all alone..

Only a woman can break his spell, pure in heart who will offer herself...

To Nosferatu.
Tags: livejournal, trivia

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