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without a trace ...

At the end of the year it's time to get political, to make a plea against globalisation and the loss of national culture and identity caused by the power of international capital.

Just as an example I searched the ad for Beck's Beer with the original song sung by Hans Hartz. It's lost without a trace and you'll just find the version by Joe Cocker which the brewery used later - probably because they hoped to profit from the big name.

Nobody knows Hans Hartz anymore?
His anthemn "White Doves" ("Die weissen Tauben sind müde") is possibly the last cultural highlight in german rock history. Watch it:

The complot against Hans Hartz and his invalueable contribution to german culture is lost - and this is caused simply by globalisation!
There was a short campaign soon after Becks has banned his version of the commersial. But now? Nobody cares. Nobody? No! It's time to start the fight again!

So please: join attac or other communities critically watching globalisation!

(and if you should think I'm completly off any beaten path - you're right! )
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