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Long time no read.

In the meantime much happend. I lost my job in the "Agency", searched for a new one and finally found a new job in central switzerland (some fotos below).
As expected the start in the new company has not been too easy. Getting older it's getting harder for me to get used to new environments. And the job description didn't match what my duties are. It took a while to relax and rely on the social security systems which would save me for a while if it would become serious.
On the personal level anything's the same as ever: I still occassionally feel a bit lost and lonely and still enjoy travelling around in switzerland visiting places and taking fotos.
On the musical side I redesigned my homepage and played a bit more classical guitar than usual and on the lute I am practicing a new program. Basically it's 3 programs: 11-course baroque with music by Reusner, St.Luc and Kellner, 13-course lute with music by Weiss, Straube and Falckenhagen and finally on theorbo early baroque music by de Visée, Hurel and Piccinini.
I have the offer to perform a modern piece for baroque lute, flutes and percussion written by a german composer and never performed before. Just trying to find a fitting venue. Keep your fingers crossed that it will work!

tthe place I'm living now.

in winter it looks like this: 

and a bit music:
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