lautenist (lautenist) wrote,

Christmas 2007: day 1 - I survived

I always panic before christmas - I wished it would be a nice day in solemn atmosphere but usually it ends in endless discussions about pointless thinhs
During the last years I decided to prepare the Fondue to avoid the company of all the relatives at the afternoon.

So I had a calm afternoon.
Then the evening came - I took my camera and shot some fotos while the rest ate and talked nonsense. I don't exactly know what was spoken. And I am glad about it xD

Then finally I had a small conversation about my Cousin in the kitchen. The only serious moment at this evening.

Hey - it all went fine!

(No - I don't drink any sparkeling wine. Just at *very* rare occasions. I just enkoyed the motif)

noch ein paar weitere Fotos:

My brother's Christmas Tree with gifts underneath. Guess which one was mine.

My godchild Nadine and Julie, the dog:

Tomorrow will start instead of having breakfast with a heavy meal with my parents ... I'll take my camera with me xD
Tags: trivia

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