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As it seems I forgot to write a report  about the trip to Paris last month.

Although I try to avoid short flights (basically it would be approx. half an hour more travel time to use the train) I followed Jürg's suggestion to fly to Paris. Jürg hoped to save some time because he had a recital on sunday afternoon.

The airport looks fairly futuristic

then we learned first about the rush hour in Paris and later why our  hotel in the center of Paris, near Sacre Coer and Moulin Rouge has been pretty cheap. 
As it was fairly warm we went out to have a beer or two and learned that Paris is ... expensive. To pay 7 Euro for a glas of beer is even more expensive than in Zürich! We took dinner in a very fine indian restaurant ("Welcome to the world of spices ..." the waiter said seductively) and had some other beer.

The next day we visited Versailles. I was sad because I just had my Point and Shoot Olympus with me. There would have been many more angles with my fisheye and my macro *sigh*
Anyway ... the castle is impressive!

We then somehow ended at Notre Dame

later we took a ship on the river Seine which provide some rather unusual views on Paris

as always when I am in Paris I visited the Louvre - as it was Jürg's first time in Paris it was much longer than I usually stay there. we stayed 6 long hours and at the end my feet were aching like hell.

everybody was heading for the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo but being lute players our favorite has been the portrait of the lute player Mouton:

the guards and other visitors wondered what's SO interesting with this picture and curiously began to show interest. :-)

Finally I could convice Jürg to visit Montmatre - for Sacre Coer and the view over Paris:

then we returned to our hotel which has been very close to this well known place:

the next day we spent on the meeting of the french lute society. The first shot is taken at the parisian Metro - probably the busiest place in the world. We felt like herings within it.

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