lautenist (lautenist) wrote,

this past weekend

I have spent a nice weekend - very entertaining and relaxing.

Friday - soon after work I went to the wildpark to watch the bears. It was great fun! Especially funny how mother bear and son bear went away as soon as papa bear appears - keep your distance!  :-)

On saturday we played at a medieval dinner in Burgdorf near Bern. We didn't get much of the dinner and spent most of the time playing but the audience seemed to like it and after the event was over we spent some time together with Patricia, Gregor and Sonja in a bar - I felt like I could drink hectoliters of beer :-)

Sunday I made this years first walk around lake Türler. It was a great pleasure and nice to watch all the birds, the beauty of the lake in the later afternoon and early evening and so a nice weekend went to an end. 

(big-crested grebe)

(a flower covered meadow near lake Tuerler)
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