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Recital in Bad Buchau

I've been pretty busy during the past weeks.
As it appears business often comes en bloc. So I've pretty much work to do. Mostly I have been busy with the approval of Jim's exams (which he failed gloriously). Then there have been some private issues mainly due to a woman's jealousy which basically is funny as she says she wouldn't be interested in a serious relationship with me. Another main task has been music.

The swiss lute players went to Bad Buchau to play a recital and on sunday morning in the service. Bad Buchau lies close to a lake - the Federsee - which is surrounded by a huge moor.

The town itself looks like that (view from the moor):

The recital was fun to play, the audience enjoyed it.
We performed music from the prints of O.Petrucci and as an encore a piece by Black Sabbath:

(me and Jürg)

(Jürg and Urs)

A big thanks to Markus and "his girls" (Sarah and his wife Gaby - Tabea hasn't been around - I just had a short phone with her) for their hospitality. It was a wonderful trip - just like visiting close friends.

This weekend I will be playing in and around Zürich - and am looking forward to it. There will be guests from Germany and so I assume some fotos of Zürich will be appearing soon.

All the best
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