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sam oth is speaking

"Melancholie bahnt sich ihren Weg in Herzen, die dafür bereit sind".

"Melancholy finds a way into hearts open to it"

(sam oth)

Long time no updates to this blog.

I will be playing in Poland in June! Magdalena called from Reykjavik and asked me to join her for a number of recitals in Poland to which I happily agreed.
A friend asked if I would be interested to play at a "medieval dinner" ( in Burgdorf in April - I asked if the organizers wouldn't expect some kind of music like usually performed on medieval markets and sent some of my music. They accepted and so me and Jürg will be playing. Basically we will be playing renaissance music (spiced with some ragtimes - and also some baroque lute duets and thus far from "historical correct") but as the organizers don't care our main purpose will be having fun and hopefully contribute to the success of the evening.

Another recital will be in Bad Buchau. A friend asked to play and we will be playing our Petrucci Program then. Jürg and Urs are not very reliable if it comes to organisational matters. Markus asked for dates and it took month to be able to provide dates. Markus now asks for the program - I still don't have it - embarrassing!

Today there will be a recital with the Orchestra in Zürich and again in April in Regensdorf and Dübendorf. I hope I'll be able to produce some decent fotos of the events. In the orchestra I'm playing guitar - I am a very lazy guitar player. Nonetheless I have to play all the solo parts. I shouldn't be so lazy but finally I think I am a lute player who just cannot leave his past alone. I had my first guitar lessons at the age of 6 while I started playing the lute when I was 24.

Next week Jürg an I will be in Paris for the lute festival of the SFL - I'm looking forward to both visiting Paris again and to experiencing the french lute aficionados. I'll report - so watch this space.
It will be my first flight since 20 years or so ...

In the past month I haven't read too much. I reread Terry Pratchett's "Soul Music" which is surely one of the funniest books from the discworld series.

I watched several movies. "Anuk" by Luke Gasser ( and "Cashback" ( being the most impressive.

Here's the title track of Anuk (in this F***ing company the the embedding functions doesn't work):
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