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this past weekend

This weekend I met Isa and Beat to visit the Papilorama in Kerzers (near Bern). I am pretty unused to getting up early on a saturday as it seems.
Although me met at 9.45 in the morning it seemed *very* early to me xD.
The Papilorama is great. Actually it has a tropical area, a area which is called "Nocturama" and deals with the tropical nightlife and the
Papilorama with butterflies. The huminity in the tropical areas must have been close to 100%. Sweated like a pig. And it was *marvelous*! 

Here some impressions:



Later the day Daniel Shoshkes came over, we had Dinner and then played lute duets. First I suggested some ad quartam duets by Wolf Heckel. A
composer I appreciate very much. I played Alto-Lute and Danny my "Party-Lute" which is tuned in E. Later we changed to english duets which are
more familiar and we played through very much of them. Danny asked for an instrument which would play itself and so I offered my Vihuela. It was
his first experience with a vihuela. Finally we recorded a few of pieces as evidence. I think Danny did a good job considering him being a
newby on Renaissance Lute.


Almain Lorraine

John Johnson: A Dump

All the best
Tags: fotography, laute, lute

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