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This month was somehow interesting.
I saved 2 weeks time for a friend to visit. She never appeared - wrong: After me complaining one evening she supprisingly visited.
I was terribly disappointed especially because she complained she would not get dates. But there was no date for me. This (togetehr with some
other facts - I don't want to bore you too much) made me think ...
(result: she's the one and only person I ever kicked from my friendlist.)

Anyway - I used the time to contact "old" friends and felt this would be a much better way to spend my time. At least I felt my company would
be appreciated. This helped to make me feel better (I felt miserable to kick someone just because of very egoistic reasons).

The weekends were busy with concerts. One day I thought it would be a good idea to visit the beavers and otters in the wild park.

Woman on the river Sihl

playing otters

They have an aquarium with local fish species:

a wild heron

a beaver


The weather was not well-suited for travelling so I planed to spend some time in Zürich which I really did occassionally. But I just took my
foto to the zoo where the fotos are taken.



All the best

I also did some video recording.
I really like this piece by Michelangelo Galilei: 

From E.Mertel: Ein gar sehr traurig Liedlein

and N.Vallet: Onder de Lindegroene

(some more are on youtube - and as I finally seem to get near to an acceptable result I will possibly add some more music)

Tags: fotography, trivia

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