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A walk through Adliswil

The day after our trip to the Affenberg I basically was appointed with Mary. She is a very nice woman with very much history. I really like her humor and her children, too.
It has been a very hot day and Mary called to tell me she was ill. As already told she has much history and as a part of it she has a sensible health.
So I decided to make a little walk throough the woods and check the IR-facilities of my Olympus. Not the best idea ever. Although
the hills surely are not alpine in any ways they still are steep. So the walk was more sporty I would have expected (at least until I've reached
the wood. The view was great and I forgot about the effort of the climb.

Here now some fotos I took.

Funny the cable car: It just makes a very silent noice, rather a flurring - and soon it was over me.

and finally my favourite:

I hope you like the fotos

Tags: fotography

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