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A couple of fotos from my last trip to germany:
Most are taken at the "Dalles", the center of my hometown, some are taken inside the baroque church. Actually a typical protestant church of that area. The only speciality is the huge organ, which originally was built for the Nikolai-Church in Frankfurt (that's why there is the Frankfurt Eagle on top of the organ). It'e very likely Felix Mendolsohn-Bartholdy played this organ during his visit in Bad Soden in 1844/1845. In some letters to Fanny he praised the good organs of the region. For example, the Sonatas for organ, Opus 65, came into being in the area.

BTW: he met his wife, Cecilie, in 1836 in Frankfurt where the marriage 1837 took place. She was an exttraordinary pretty woman. A contemporary witness wrote:
„Cecilie war eine jener süßen weiblichen Erscheinungen, deren stiller und kindlicher Sinn, deren bloße Nähe auf jeden Mann wohltuend und beruhigend wirken musste. Eine schlanke Gestalt, die Gesichtszüge von auffallender Schönheit…“

The paintings show sacred scenes and near to the organ musical instruments.
Parts of the church are fairly old (the spire has been built in 1031 with additions, including very interesting paintings in the 15th century)
while the nave bears the date 1724. Some elements of the church possibly survived the battle near Höchst (1622) during the 30 year war when the nave burned out. Sulzbach has been very close to the center of this battle.



Tags: fotography, trivia

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