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observations from behind a book

Making my way to Zürich by train every morning is somewhat a new experience to me.
I often traveled by train earlier but it's very long ago since I've had to travel with a commuter train.
When waiting for my train to come in Aadorf it's mainly school children waiting with me, many tired, some are chatting, others listen to their
players - and many are writing SMS. Funny that at that early time one doesn't recognize the kind of girls who *want* to attract attention - later at the main station you
can tell those considering themself "pretty" very well. Usually it's a barbie-like, slim figure with an empty look in her face - the only expression seems to be
"look how beautiful I am". Nothing to raise my interest except the "open folder - filing - close folder".
In Winterthur the passangers change - the school children being exchanged by business people along with some women on a trip to Zürich to do some shopping.
Most of them reading one of the newspapers you get in switzerland for free at any train- and busstation.
The bussiness divide themselfes in different groups. The tuxedo and tie-wearing bankers which all seem to look the same - the uniform of what is
supposed to be successfull men (and women). A few working men (I saw one rolling his joints - to consume Marihuana and Cannabis seems to be very common in switzerland),
some people in casual dress (like me).
Another thing worth to pay attention is the way people move in train stations. Mamas using their baby carriage like a weapon, the feeling the would deserve any
respect in doing so clearly expressed in their view, people like me tiredly walking towards the next train hoping to miss it to have additional 10 minutes to read another
passage in their book, businessmen walking straight forward milling people who might stand in their way like a tank, groups of people who have to stopp abrouptly exact at a place
where the stand in the way of as many people as possible, cell-phoning girls and boys ... oh! Cell-phoning is another nice thing to watch. Businessmen use to speak loud and
somewhat demonstrate how important they are, those hip-hopping ludicous youngsters who speak loud as well with the purpose to show everybody how cool they are. The girls  seem to be rather reluctant
and silent. Rather an SMS than a call. But it seems some certain topics need a wider public attention especially if there is a guy nolved who is terribly (and of course completely in vain) fallen in love. 
I know I am generalizing very (too) much. But hey! It's just my tired observations from behind a book ...

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