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I have been lazy in updating my Livejournal again. Please excuse!

Quite some things have happened and I want to inform you quickly what it was:

I have been in Fribourg to instruct my successor. It was terribly cold and glassy. But I was able to shoot a couple of fotos of the city. Because the company paid for it I took a hotel in the center.

The rest of my working life at the EDS I mainly spent watching videos.

Then the swiss lute playing community had a rehearsal over a weekend in Rorschach which was pretty successful – but the main event was the dinner at the local Spanish club.

Now I finally started my new job with Swisslife – an insurance company in Zürich. My job will be (if they finally manage to complete my working environment) to maintain a program devoted to administer collective insurances. At the moment everything looks much better than the conditions at EDS/HP. The only thing I really don’t like is: I have to go to bed early because a single trip to Zürich takes nearly 1 and a half hour. So I’m looking forward to moving to Adliswil which is much closer to Zürich.

 On the private side not much happened – as I expected I got some virtual contacts while others lapse. I found the latter somehow hard to handle. I’m constantly asking myself if it’s my fault. Possibly things like that are just happening – but why?

 I enclose some of the pictures I took during the last month and hope you’ll enjoy them.


am Bodensee

am Bodensee



ib Solothurn.

 Have a nice evening

Tags: fotography, trivia

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