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updates again ...

Hi all,

the february will be my last month working for EDS. Basically it's boring just to spend time having nothing serious to do at work while on the other hand I know the near future will be rather stressing with the new job and moving to a new flat.
I have had to take my vacancies. So I took some days off and started to pack things I know I won't need.
My birthday I spent with Anna having a delicious meal in Zürich. The rest of the weak off I spet mainly relaxing watching movies. Then I was invited to watch the Shaolin-Show but much to my regret Mary's son became ill and so we spent the evening together watching movies instead.

another day the winter paused and I used the sunny day to make a foto tour. Destination was the Plättli-Zoo in Frauenfeld. 
I feel deep sympathy for the animals there, especially the large wildcats living in tiny enclosures. Anyway - the place is nice and I shot some fotos.

Zebra finch

brown owl

a (wild) bullfinch on a tree.

eagle owl

a Puma

a Cockatiel

A snowy Owl - Hedwig? 

At the moment I am reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. I was curious why all the girls I know felt in love with Edward. And am rather more curious now I've read the book.
Both protagonists are plagued by heavy complexes. Bella feels unimpressive and clumsy, Edward - the vampire - feels he would be dangerous to Bella and better should restrain from a closer relationship to her. If I would be him I wouldn't apreciate Bella's pesky puppy love. The characters generally are painted sketchily which makes it hard for me as an adult to take them seriously.
The language uses many typical features of trivial literature. I assume this could be the reason (along with Bella's endless sermons about the beauty of Edward) why I got the impression her (Bella's) feelings toward Edward couldn't be true. I wonder if any girl considers Bella a person to identify with: I refuse to believe intelligent girls seeking for meaningless relations - or reducing male attraction to beauty.
It reads like the cliché of teenage love. The story itself is trivial as well.  And leaves the question open why all the women seem to fall in love with Edward.

The book I read before was quite different: Full of humor, allusive and well composed. Author has been Terry Pratchett the famous creator of the Discworld series. I recommend "Wintersmith" to anyone who likes intelligent humor. As a brief introduction read the Wiki-Entry about "Boffo" (which plays an important role in Wintersmith).

Tags: fotography, trivia

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