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This years christmas started as usual (on 24th december - as common in germany) with me preparing the fondue (chinoise) for the evening.
Actually this year everything went fairly well. Perhaps the parents of my godchild's boy friend helped with their naive and cheerfull chatting to avoid too much serious thoughts.
Nonetheless I recognized my father's disease progessing. He lived in the very same apartment for 25 years but had to ask the way to the toilet and returning wasn't able to simply move a chair which stood in his way.
Another remarkable detail was brought to my attention my Achim (the father of my godchild's boyfriend): "Do you have a hassle with your parents? They didn't even say goodbye to you" 

As usual we spent the christmas day at my parent's place.
More or less this day was spent lazy. The time between the different meals my brother and my godchild spent mostly sleeping and me taking picures.

summarized the situation is the same as always: I feel more than fluid when visiting germany but would feel uncomfortable if I wouldn't.

Pictures of the days will follow when I'm back in switzerland.
Tags: trivia

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