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the past days ...

Hi all,

sorry for being quiet for so long.
I am terribly busy at the moment. I felt umcomfortable at my current job for a longer time now. Now the company is bought by HP and one of the first things they anounced was they would fire 250 out of 800 employees in switzerland. Without economical reason. The good thing is this worked like a kick in my lazy ass - and serves as a good reason why I am looking for a different job. 
Things are going fairly well but viewing job offerings, having job interviews and the phone calls is much more time consuming  thought. Finally yesterday I got an invitation to the final round for a job. And have agreed to some other job interviews. So I hope I will be away from this company soon.

Apart from this rather economical business I played some music. After some years our baroque lute duo has had the first recital in germany again.
We played two baroque lute duets by G.Ph.Telemann in the first half and two duets by Sylvius Leopold Weiss in the second half. It worked well and the audience was enthusiastic. I forgot to record the first half of the program but have recorded the second one and the encores.
I corrected and enhanced an arrangement by Ed Durbrow of a musical-melody from "The beauty and the Beast" which we played sight-reading because I was ready on friday morning and there was no time to rehearse.
It sounded like this 
The other encore was the Romanza which Roman masaccio  set.

On Monday I drove to the french Jura to sell my Liuto Attiorbato. I met a nice french guy with his wife and two daughters in Marigny. Patrig is professor for musicology and wrote his doctoral thesis about Nicolaes Vallet's "Regia Pietas". I guess I made some points when we discussed the relation between some of the preludes in the book to different Psalms. We played music to each other and talked. Finally the girls had enough of the dominating lute and suggested to watch a movie. It was a Manga, "Metropolis". Apart from the dialogs which are typical for a Manga the coloring and the story are not bad. And I really enjoyed the girls speaking a mixture of german, dutch, french and english xD.

The next morning I walked around a bit giving Patrig some time to decide if he would like to buy the instrument or not and took some photos. 
Then we played to each other some music (Patrig and his wife standing at attention when I played the Bataille by Vallet which quotes the dutch anthem xD). Then it was time to leave to avoid the traffic jams around Bern and Zürich (without success).
In the evening I got a surprise guest. Sonja came by for some time. We never met before and just know each other from facebook and by telephone. So of course I was nervous although it's exiting to finally meet people you are talking to fairly often.

Then yesterday Winter came to switzerland and it's snowing. There was also the regular rehearsal of our duo. I laufghed at Jürg who arrived in a short-sleeved shirt and sandals. We talked and played and finally watched the new Indiana Jones movie (surprisingly funny BTW!) while the snow layer outside increased.

So - behind the cut you'll find a couple of fotos I took in the french Jura.

Gib d


Centre Ville of Marigny ;-)

here a female blackbird:

the lake nearby

walking through the wood

just the other side of the street where I stayed

All the best

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