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Hi friends

sorry for being silent for a while now.
The past week I had family visiting. Actually I enjoy having visitors but they different - perhaps it's because it's family. I planed the weekend and thought it would be a good idea to visit the famous triumphirate of switzerland: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. And so we did.

It was mist on the mountains but here is the famous Eiger north face:

taken in the train:

the train dorection Jungfrau stopped and I had the pleasure to watch the alp daws

On the way back I showed several of the famous lakes of switzerland. I found this view to Lake Lungeren impressive


Sunday the wheather was much better. I had planed a trip through the Toggenburg nearby to the Säntis. The visitors haven't had suitable shoes so heading towards the top of the mountain didn't work (as I had planed). 

The Säntis (view from the Toggenburg):

a little bit closer:

somewhere in Appenzell:

a Chrysamthemum:

I don't know why this door attracted me:

and something completely different. A view of Frankfurt where I basically come from

Good bye ... I mean good night, my dear friends xD

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