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lute trip to Ticino

this past week the swiss lute players again were on their traditional trip to the Ticino. For me it was a chance to relax and to say goodbye to the summer. In advance I can tell: The weather was marvelous and we had a great time.
The foot was sensational - especially "il paradiso" in Orselina was remarkable but even the Pizza down in Locarno was delicious. We made just a couple of excursions. One to Italy and one to Locarno.
On tuesday we played a concert: actually Juerg and me were playing excerps from our duo-program and later while everybody was chatting I decided I better would play some music - I'm not good in small talk. And as the main topic seemed to be architecture I felt uncomfortable. Later in the evening I had some nice talk to some people of the audience though.

Start was (as always) in Rorschach at Lake Constance. While waiting for Urs I took some fotos at the lake. Grebes are beautiful birds, aren't they?

More fotos behind the cut

another one taken at Lake Constance

when we returned from Italy (on wednesday) I took this one. We found a very nice Grappa there. Watch the label!


another one

and a final one (I made a sheer endless amount of fotos of those lizards):

a leaf in the garden:


in the garden

Palm tree

view from the terrasse


Piazza Grande in the evening

the castle at night (free hand foto). It's said Leonardo da Vinci was involved in the construction. This is my wallpaper at the moment.

view from the balcny of our house in direction of Locarno at night



I like this one.

All the best

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