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upps - I did it again ...

actually I didn't want to record my playing on Video until I woul dhave a better equipment. But Dani Shoskes asked me to share some of the Baron and the Kropfganss I have played today - and I couldn't resist.
Please excuse the tuning - the instrument is freshly strung - and the one or the othe rmistake. I haven't played that music for ages! But when listening to it I begin to like this music again. It's all from the very late baroque. And Kropffganss could be considered "Sturm und Drang". He is mentioned to visit Basti Bach together with Weiss. And there would have been "something special happening".

So first some Kropffganss - a Fantasia and an Allegro Moderato from the Rosani-Manuscript which I published years ago.

Ernst Gottlieb Baron wrote the first history of the lute in 1727. His music is among the entertaining range of baroque compositions.He was appointed court lutenist at the court of Frederick II (the great), though.
The Allemande and Courante of a Suite in F-Major

and the Courante:

Finally a Tango by the famous Gardel, set by Roman Turovsky masaccio 

Hope you enjoy this a bit.

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