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A terrible week ...

This week was terrible. The situation at work develops into being unbearable. Like a war between the different functions. I am definitly not willing to accept this any more. I am paid to present solutions not to defend the developer's section against the fraction of "project leaders" who doesn't do their job.
Yesterday my weekend started with designing and printing the program for tomorrow's recitals. Then I translated Dowland's lyrics into german (which was more difficult than I thought. There is very much I understand intuitively but when trying to put it in words it turned out to be very time consuming).
Today I had a recital in Dübendorf. The locations was nice ...

and had a small artificial lake, creek in the park

the recital itself went okay (booked again) but I had to hurry to return for the rehearsal. When arriving at home I took some fotos of the bees in the garden of my landlord

Then I printed the translated Dowland texts and prepared the programs.

Soon the other's arrived  and we played our program as far as it was possible without Jürg being around /who was excused because his father died a week ago and still has a lot of family business to do). 



See you soon!

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