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Today was a nice day in switzerland. And ended with a rehearsal with Magdalena. It worked much better than last weekend (you'll probably recognize).
She's doing much effort to organize recitals in Poland before she leaves to Island. Actually I would have a recital in Lucerne at the same time (a local radio station has it's final broadcasting day and wants to end with loads of live music) but I would rather fly to Poland - I've never been there and I prefer playing the lute.

BTW: That's Magdalena on my balcony

But now some Music from today's rehearsal

on my 6-course Renaissance Lute:
Fugga pur (my arrangement)
de Antequera
Romance de Moriana

then I changed to my 10-course lute for some music by John Dowland:
Can she excuse
I saw my Lady weep
Lacrimae (Lute Solo)
Time stand still

Hope you'll like the music! And in case you do ... come to our recitals! On 7th September in Tänikon and most likely in early October in Poland xD

The sunset was SO beautifull today!

Tags: fotography, laute, lute

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