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I had a terrible night!
It seems as if it already started yesterday when I felt world-weariness - and even talked nonsense. Although I tried not to show my mood.
Then in the night was terrible. I had circulatory troubles and the stomach made problems ... it was not a calm night.
In the morning I decided to stay at home - I mainly feared to drive. And when trying to move I detected it was a wise desicion.

The day I spent more or less lazy, exchanging SMS with Anna and Luana. Then Anna made the suggestion to walk - a very good idea! Thank you black_syringa

I thought I could bring some 
flyers to the location of the oncoming recital. And so did I - and shot some fotos. I hope you'll enjoy them.

The place where we will be playing:

The monastry

the tower of the church

the vicarage

A pretty dog, isn't it?

Some pictures from Aadorf - Centre Ville ;-)

Have a nice evening
Tags: fotography

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