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Thomas the mad lutenist

today it's raining again - I happily managed to make my shopping in the 20 dry minutes or so we had today. And later on I thought what I should do this day. Actually I knew I should do something with the lute, best would be to practice the pieces I will be playing. And to write the adverticement for the recital. Send announcements to the newspapers ... instead I did some "ego-shooting". ME! The one who doesn't like *any* picture of himself except perhaps pictures when he still was a child.

So I must be crazy.

First I tried to stay serious and took some fotographs of me pretending to play.

Me and my new Tomlinson-Lute.

The baroque lute

my 10-course lute

soon my feelings went to what players often feel while practicing. Here are some attempts to visualize that feelings:

more often musicians seem to feel that way:

Because I couldn't decide which one is better: here another foto of this scenery:

the end of today's shootings. I better so something serious now:

have a nice evening ;-)
Tags: fotography, lute

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