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wednesday - rehearsal day

Yesterday the weather seemed unsteady. So I decided to make Pizza instead of the usual barbeque. As the time would have been to short to prepare the pastry by myself I went to the supermarket and bought an already prepared dough. Actually they are not too bad and one doesn't have the risk which comes along preparing yeast dough on your own. And it makes a fast cooking. As always I wondered if a tray of Pizza would be enough for two hungry men but ... as always it was rather too much.

After dinner we tuned the instruments and started playing Soon the Cellphone rang telling me a SMS would have arrived. You'll hear it on the YouTube-Video - the whole evening through I've had entertaining discussions with my dear black_syringa It was SO funny. Just poor Jürg may have felt a little strange.  The exchange of SMS ended with the discussion if Tiramisu or guys would be preferable. Naturally my advice was not to neglect the short-term, but sweet joys of life for the insecure, pleasure promising but not guaranteeing features like guys xD

But now a little bit of music we recorded yesterday (you may imagine how hard it was to seriously play).

The Ouverture of the B-Major Suite by G.Ph.Telemann

The final movement - an Angloise - of the G-Minor Suite, also by Telemann

We recorded the complete Suites (occassionally interrupted by the cell-phone) - I'll later check if we recorde something usable.

Tags: lute, trivia

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