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my week

It was on the pleasant sides of this week meeting Anna black_syringa more often than all the time before.  Although it has been raining heavily every time it was very enjoying to meet her.
Today she sent an SMS telling me she would have some time before driving back home and suggested to meet at the ETH in Zürich. Heavy traffic and the rain caused a jam and so I ended parking my car somewhere and we met at the main station in Zürich. I wanted to invite her to dinner but we ended in the Starbucks in Lucerne talking.

Another pleasant event was that the rehearsals of our baroque lute duo started again. Although the next concert will be devoted to the 500-years of another Petrucci print we will have a demanding baroque lute recital soon which needs to be prepared. We will be playing the duos by Telemann, the original Weiss-Duo which came to light a while ago and another one in the reconstruction by the late Charly Schröder.

(recorded at a early rehearsal)

Tomorrow is promising to become another pleasant day: I will drive to geneva with the company of a pretty young girl to meet Manolo who is visiting switzerland and has brought a new lute for me.
The ingredients sound perfect so I am happily awaiting the meal. I'm sure I'll tell you about this adventure!

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