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rain rain rain ....

This day started with wonderfull morning mist in the hills around my town. I wished I would have had some time to go out and fotograph. I imagine some atmospheric fotos. But I was late (as always these days) and had to drive to Zürich - into another boring working day.
While driving a planed to write something longish - a story which I promised someone long ago and which I expected to have time to write then. But - as it happens usually - soon I enter the company's building I'm getting numb. So not much happend.
I left early to meet Anna black_syringa in the city which was great fun. And I enjoy her being around. Although it may sound strange but I feel her being a close friend.
But it wasn't not much fun to walk through the city as it rained heavily and of course I neither had an umbrella nor other rain-suite with me.

So no wonder the sound which was in my head when I drove back was an old song with the title "rain" - although not much more than the title has to to with physical rain.  It's a nice song in 70's sound. So here it is

When I arrived at home I found a postcard from Rhodos by two other young friends of mine. What a pleasant surprise!

Today I haven't made any fotos so I'm adding an older one which I assume wasn't on any blog untiul now. I love it and the mood surely suites the weather.

Another one by Uriah Heep. I love this song! Come away, Melinda

and a song I used to check if sound may break glass. This was long ago - of course *smile*. The topic is very serious (the video is not original but impressing)

Peace and freedom for everyone!

Tags: fotography, trivia

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