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A luteplaying day

Today I have had to practice a bit because I am asked to play some music on monday and tuesday.

I never managed to record my A-Lute properly and so I also wanted to use the opportunity t record it.
It took 4 attempts to get a record of some pieces which are not overmodulated. The lute must be terribly loud xD
Having played my complete program 3 times I reduced the program which actually made it on the proper recording.

Afterwards I played some music I haven't played for nearly two years.

A Prelude

and a dance.

And - for the first time recorded I also improvised a bit. It was just fun to listen to the instrument sounding hopefully close to like it really sounds.
oh: you cannot know: It's somewhat a running gag that I am finishing rehearsals with improvisations either spoofing songs by Sting or imitating the compositional style of a friend who composes new music for the lute.

This small instrument looks like this

Want to hear some more?
A piece I also haven't played for a very long time. It's a new composition by the american composer Allan Alexander.

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