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monday ... I got friday on my mind

The working day was terribly boring today. I missed the monthly meeting (again). They start at 9:00 and I arrived in the office at 9:15. No problem so far.
It was a sunny day in Zürich untl the late afternoon. I just wanted to go out and do some shopping as it started to rain heavily. So I decided to stay in the office and to call the support . I am trying to install a software (Visual Studio) I would urgently need to develop a new project  (project start was on 1st July) but the support in India doesn't feel responsible (the error report is very helpfull: "Severe Mistake while installing the .NET framework" - at home it worked without any problems. So I assume a problem with my user permissions). As it rained and in some kind of self-destructive mood I thought I could give it another try.
The phone call did last nearly two hours. Result: None, most often heard sentences "please wait a minute" and "I have to check this with my supervisor".
But at least I got a compliment from my collegue. He is a native speaker and told my english excellent. That's soothing because I am feeling very uncomfortable speaking english. I hardly ever have to speak english and am trained rather to understand than to speak english.

So it seems I won't be allowed to work - so I probably could use the time to learn a little bit russian. Dostojewskij again has come to my attraction and I am sure I will re-read his works soon.

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