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Dear Diary ...

My day started late. I have had an entertaining discussion with a charming young girl starting late at night until the early morning. I felt as if I would deserve some more sleep than usual.
After the breakfast (if eating at high noon still could be considered breakfast) I wrote a longish comment on Anna's aka. black_syringa  's blog. The topic was nice (emancipation and "being a woman") and I simply love the way she's writing, her clear concepts and enthusiasmn. My own thoughts were written very less clear - esp. I felt I haven't written such a bad english for years!

Then I decided I would need some motion after a week mainly in the office and especially after a night in front of the PC.
This turned out to be a very long walk of approximatly 5 hours. I realized that the small hills around my hometown are challenging, too. The highest of them is 880 meters high. The ups and downs during the walk are challenging, though.

As you might habe expected I took my camera with me. Here are some of the results:

somehow a classic motif of mine - I really like the mirroring in the water

this one's even more confusing: what's real and what's mirrored by the water?

living in switzerland the alps are not far, whereever you may be. This is the Säntis and the Alpstein

Interesting, what farmers are planting - the smell was great! It's legal here as long as the concentration of THC is within limits.

The church of Aawangen - I've played there one remarkable recital - long before I lived in the town. The only recital I ever played at temperatures near to 0 degrees Celsius.

May I introduce: Aadorf city - centre ville xD

Now I think I'm in the mood for watching "pride and prejudice" :D
Tags: fotography, trivia

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