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A Trip to Lucerne

Working today was terrible - boring, nothing worked although I got the wish-list of our customer emptied (awkward: never work for the police!).

I should start a new project soon and I have to work with Visual Studio. Installation at home worked fine but in my Company-PC insisted I wouldn't have the requiered permission to install the program.
So I should report an incident to the support crew (in India). The web-based tracker asked me to enter the problem. "Please selectd the type of problem from the  list" ... the list was empty. When trying to submit I got the error message: "Please enter the type of problem". I'm sure this guys in India are solving 100% of the reported problems xD

So I decided to drive earlier to Lucerne to take some fotos. Sadly it started to rain. I hope you'll enjoy the fotos, though

the well in front of the KKL forming a face

The window of the KKL mirroring Lucerne

The Pilatus
Tags: fotography

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