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Today I thought it would be a good idea to make a little trip - possibly in the higher regions of switzerland to cool a little down. The destination of my choice was the Walensee which is fairly close to where I live.

But first I enjoyed the flowers in my landlord's garden

and I found a guest

My first stop at the lake was Weesen on the western end of the Walensee

Gib den Inhalt deines Cuts hier ein.

I spend some time at the beach and walking through the town

they even have a castle

then I drove up the hill to Amden

at the church I took a rest and some fotos:

I seem to like flowers ....

but my final destination for this day should be Arvenbüel where I wanted to take a longr rest, do some walking and of course tak some fotos.

the "backside" of the famous Churfirst who is one of the first mountains one sees when driving from Lake Constance to Italy (or the Ticino):

then I reached the place I thought could be worth visiting. The "Chopf" at 1300 meters - and high above the Walensee.

As this is a very steep rock I had some problems with acrophobia first - but after a while I got used to it

Another view to the Walensee

and the mountains nearby
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