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another trip back in time

Are there good things staying in germany?

After a terrible week at work I thought it would be a good idea to drive to germany visiting the family and taking some photos of the "old home".

I managed to walk around places of my childhood and to take some photographs - nothing special but places connected with memories and a lot of stories to tell.

The church was built in 1724 - as a child we were allowed to enter the tower and "ring the bells". Later I have played often  at services.

Also it was fun to meet my godchild again after a while.


You'll find some more pictures in the gallery.

A while ago I promised a dear friend to look for poems and songs I've made during my school days. So finally I did. Watched old exercise-books and my personal song-book. And I got lost between those old poems, songs, complete polyphone compositions (did I ever dare to write chorals?), anotations, tests, comments on everything and a story by Dostojewskij which is still able to move myself to tears - after all those years. (in german the title is: "Der kleine Junge am Weihnachtsabend beim Herrn Jesu")

But now I tell one of those songs to show our mental condition:

We might as well be dead

The more you're living the less you can do
And this ain't just a phase we're going through
It's just get worse and that ain't no lie
The only thing you're free to do is to die

I say "hey!" waht happend to our future
They told us a fine one would be just ahead
I say: seems there isn't any future
And nothing to look forward to instead
I guess we might as well be dead

You see those nuclear long range missiles
standing around you for hundreds of miles
you think of war, wishing to be far away
And you know there'll be no help of god or pray


All of your neighbours try to put you down
that makes you resign and you're feeling down
hey guy! What reason should we have to stay?
By committing suicide we'll get away.


Looks as if we were funny people, eh?

Another one I found is in german - I wonder if it's by me or not

Ich will ....
Mit Dir leben,
Bei DIr stehen,
Mit Dir alles erleben,
Dich immer verstehen.
Das will ich

Mit Dir kämpfen,
Dir immer helfen
Dich nur lieben,
Neben Dir liegen.
Das will ich.

Deine Schwächen verstehen,
Deine Fehler übersehen,
Mit DIr noch mal neu anfangen
Niemals um Dein Leben bangen,
Das will ich.

Wenn Du mir bei all dem hilfst,
Wenn Du auch dasselbe willst,
Dann gib mir einen Wink, weil ich Dich brauch:
Ich warte schon eine Ewigkeit darauf!


So finally it was a pretty nice day as it is looking back and remembring a time when I still lived and felt as if I would have something to say.
It's very strange to remember those days ...


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