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1st of August

is the swiss national holiday. Usually a lot of fireworks lighten the sky and ... it rains as well.
So it did today.
I basically was appointed with an american physician and lute player but obviously he forgot the appointment and so I spent the day at home, now awaiting the firework of my hometown (if there should be any).
This afternoon I started again tp ptactice some music for the baroque lute. It's so fine music! It still needs some work but while waiting I think it's a good idea to introduce to you some of what I did this afternoon. Possibly you'll enjoy the music.
It's by Phillip Franz LeSage de Richée, a silesoan composer of the second half of the 17th century. For a while he was thought to be among the teachers of S.L.Weiss.

Here a Prelude in french style

the Allemande

the Courante

the Sarabande

the Gigue

Possibly I later add some fotos of teh fireworks (if there should be any)
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