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Scotland 1991

To spend my day I digged through old photo albums and got caught by the fotos I shot during my trip through scotland in 1991. This trip was remarkable for a lot of reasons: the first time I was in holiday alone together with a girl, the first time I *really* tried to produce good fotos, the last time ... I felt innocently young.
So somehow this trip marks the end of my youth as well as the beginning of the period as a mature man. Although actually there is not such a difference. It's just: the feelings tend to be directed backwards and not forwards.

But enough of serious thoughts about unimportant things. Here are a couple of fotos (scans). A selection from the 300-400 fotos I've made.
BTW: The camera could be interesting to the one or the other. All pictures are shot with a Voigtländer of ca. 1955 If somebody would be willing to buy this camera. Please make a serious offer. The camera is in perfectly well condition (giving the age).

But now a selction of fotos.  some more to be found on my gallery

The music to that pictures has to: Dunn RIngill by Jethro Tull xD

Tags: fotography

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