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Today I drove to the "German Corner" (Deutsches Eck) in Koblenz to start  my Rhinetour.
The German Corner doesn't deserve too much attention. Willi I. was the one killing the first german democracy but somehow managed to stick into the collective memory as the first emperor, the one uniting germany.

I think this picture expresses my opinion (I also have more serious ones taken there ;-))

Koblenz is a city with some interesting buildings and a nice historical part of the city. Some pictures I made while walking around:

I have more respect for the "Deutscher Orden" (Teutonic knights) whose present work I know from several stays in Kevelaer. I also know about the history of this knightly order - as alway: light and shadow are close together.
They are the name patrons of the german corner. At the moment there is an exhibition at their place close to th egerman corner. Here some pictures of their place.

Then I drove back all along the Rhine with several foto stops (yes - I also watched the Loreley which is not as attractive as most of the rest. It's mainly a huge rock)

somewhere in Boppard:

Burg Kaub (this one has some connection to my personal history ;.)) :

This as a small selection of today's pictures.
I hope I haven't bored too much and wish you well.
Tags: fotography

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