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My Friday

Today the swiss lute players met for a recital in St.Gallen. Hille Perl, possibly the world's best player of the Viola da Gamba visited with Lee Santana on the lute.
We made a lot of jokes in advance because Lee's recital in Regensburg was ... not our taste. Completly out of tune and a program which doesn't show much taste. The title of todays program "La Voix humaine" didn't give much hint on what to expect.
We were on place fairly early so I had a chance to take some fotos of the area around the monastary St.Gallen.

inside the church

A view into the streets

the twin towers of the church

inside the church

there was a service runing so we left soon

the recital was - to make it short - great. The program contained works by Marin Marais and St.Colombe, all famous from the french movie "Tous les Matins du Monde" . Hille proofed her extraordinary musicianship accompanied by Lee who played the difficult continuo very creative and expressive. A very good performance.

Afterwards we left towards Lake Constance

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