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Yesterday's tour and some pictures of today

yesterday I have had the pleasure to visit Engelberg again. Actually to attend the celebration of Anna's Matura. But it was a friday and due to the Euro 08 I expected much traffic so I drove earlier and used the time to walk through the enchanted valley. The weather wasn't that good so I took no fotos of the landscape this time.

as always ... a flower:

already when taking this foto it was meant to be sepia:

the organ of teh beautifull baroque church:

a view into the church

 Today I slept extremely long and somehow don't get my ass up to do something.
As I saw a hawk outside I spent a while trying to fotograph it - without success. And finally ended with some differrent fotographs like this one:

my lute had to make the model

I enjoyed the roses in the garden (taken from my balcony)

another picture of the roses:

and finally ... what's this? xD

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