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my dear friend black_syringa finally managed to finish school.
An event I needed to attend - and of course I took my camera with me.

The optimistic view into the future?
muchtibuchti, black_syringa and stoffifee
(sorry - I *had to* put this one as the first xD)

Steffi was best of the class, Dani second and Anna third - congratulations ... nerds *lol*

For the involved: I've uploaded fairly all my pics to a gallery
so you can download the pictures you enjoy.

Here a better picture of the gals:

During the one or the other speach I had time to take some pictures of the beautiful baroque church

Ivanhoe was there, too. Here "helping" his mother taking fotographs with Anna's new cam.

Anna looked so pretty!

the band - although I enjoyed "Crossroads" the most I considered it bolt to perform "Highway to Hell" in a catholic church ...

I felt stage fright in the air ... but they did a great job:

And finally ... the Apero - to many people for my taste. So I left ... the young girls to party

Tags: fotography

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