lautenist (lautenist) wrote,

from germany ...

yesterday we had a birthday party here in germany.
This was a nice occassion to meet old friends and parts of the family.
I am shocked how dementia changed my father. Discussions with my brother and sister-in-law about my different view on the progress of this sickness followed. What seemed a flowing decay for them looks erratic for me.
Later that evening all met around the PC watching a new social network which seems popular in germany "". I also have a profile because I was invited by a collegue but seldom watched that site. Just communicated with the best friend of my former girl friend but  stopped as she railed against her. But yesterday the number of my contacts there increased immense xD

Today was a lazy day - actually I planed to drive back to switzerland but now it's too late and so I will drive back tomorrow. 

I found a funny picture of me on the internet (taken at the lute festival in Regensburg when I was playing baroque lute):


Here a bit of music by Falckenhagen (an old recording)
Tags: trivia

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