June 21st, 2011


Finally I had visitors from the old home

Finally I got visitors. For the first time I'm living in switzerland some friends from germany visited. And it has been pretty prominent friends: Lutz Kirchhof is an accomplished lute player and his charming wife Martina a world class gamba player.

First they played a very entertaining recital in Kyburg (near Winterthur, switzerland) with music by Haydn, Weiss, Abel, Hinterleitner which has been the first lute recital I've been attending this year. Kyburg is a nice place with castle above Zürich and Winterthur. Take a look!

After the recital we (Jürg, Urs and me) spent a nice evening with them and some other members of the audience.

The next day they arrived in Lungern. As the wheather has been very foggy and it looked like rain I suggested to visit the Aareschlucht. So we did - and afterwards we still found time to visit the Reichenbachfalls (the place Sherlock Holmes died).
I forgot my camera on this occassion so these fotos are a bit older.

The next day my visitors decided to visit the Ballenberg. A dangerous place as they produce delicious food - sausages, cheese, ... and chocolate (which just made it out of the shop ... and not much further).

It has been very entertaining for me and I really enjoyed having visitors.

They left a video: take a look!