April 6th, 2009


I finally moved!

I finally moved!

It was a pretty adventurous experience.
For Saturday I rent a bigger car (which to drive was an adventure by itself). In exchange I agreed to lend my small car to the owner of the bus. First thing
he did was to drive against a wall. So I am without car at the moment. And it is in Frauenfeld and I wonder how I will manage to take it back to Adliswil.
Later Jürg arrived and helped to pack the larger stuff and the furniture I couldn't carry myself. I counted 8 larger pieces - it may sound unbelievable but it took until half past 1 in the orning to
transport this over a distance of about 60 km. Then the complete week was filled with driving from Adliswil to Aadorf, packing stuff into my car, driving
back to Adliswil and hauling it to my flat in the 3rd floor.
Finally most of my stuff now is in Adliswil and just the PC-table, the cleaning stuff and a lot of trash are still in Aadorf.

In between I visited Mary who agreed to help shopping some additional furniture - I needed a new bed (because I lost one single screw on my old one), a Sofa, a table for the living room and
some standard lamps. We visited several shops (Conforama and Lipo) and I got all I needed except the table. Most of it will arrive during the week.

Remarkable observations:
  • one day I woke up and literally wasn't able to move - half an hour later I could stand crookedly and it took another hour until I was able to move as usual.
  • There were some recitals on friday and sunday, too - I wonder how I managed to play the virtuous parts after hauling all this stuff - I recorded the recital of friday.
  • Possibly I'll publish one of the pieces later.
  • Spring finally has arrived! The tender green is more than welcome after the endless whites of winter.
  • My new flat is *huge*
  • I don't want to climb any stairs anymore
  • some sightseeing trips are already planed (Uetliberg, Sihlzentrum, Albis, Zürich Zoo, Rheinfall, Jura ...) 
  • It's *so* nice to sleep until 6:30 (instead of 5:15) now!

my bed for the first week

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