September 18th, 2008


a Test ...

As I wrote yesterday my video cam has been arrived yesterday. Much to my disappointment it came neither with a card nor with a tape. So I will have to drive to a shop later and by some.

Later Anna asked to play some music which I did. I was happy she asked because I did not want to bother her with my playing. It's so hard for me to relieve pressure and to return into civilized behaviour without either walking around for a while or to spend some time with my instruments.
It must have been painful to listen to my playing she beared it gracefully - I promise I'll practice! xD

I also took a couple of fotos during the evening. A flower on my balcony

I also like this one. 

Today in a short break I took a test ("Your Medieval Personality Type") - as it is catholic I am pretty sure Magdalena has lead me to it. I just saved it and now I've done it.
My result is this

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    Still some Weiss which I played yesterday is in my mind
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