September 17th, 2008



my week started as every week with the boring work. Actually it's funny. The leaders conjuring us to act like a team while the "project leaders" behave like - excuse the word - assholes complaining about us developers. But they evidently don't do a proper job. So we are often accused of not solving problems - which they never passed to us. So I repeat the answer  like a mantra "how should I solve problems I don't know?" and it's often hard not to laugh - which possibly causes the stress. 

Later on Anna black_syringa  called and asked if she could stay for some days at my place until she can move into her room. Of course I agreed. So yesterday I had the unusual pleasure of having a guest. And noticed how different people are: Magdalena acts in my home like being at home. Anna rather distinguished.
And I found out - my couch is a good place to sleep (I granted Anna the priviledge to have my sleeping room at her disposition).

Then on friday the swiss lute players will drive to the Ticino for a couple of (lute playing) days. I'm looking forward to those days. Saying Goodbye to the summer underneath palm trees, playing the lute, relaxing ... my baroque lute will be visiting the Ticino for the first time. This morning Jürg phoned and canceled today's rehearsal. So we moved it to the time when we are in Ticino.

And - I finally got a Video-Camera! I hope the quality of my youtube-videos will improve immensly now!

Yesterday night I also took a couple of fotos of the moon.

And of my pet:

I wish you well