August 20th, 2008


some more pictures from Geneva

While waiting to get an introduction into my new project I have some time to post some other pictures from last weekend.

Until today not much happend during the week. I just texted a bit and - for the first time after weeks of pausing I had to play the guitar again on monday. We played the program for the recitals next year - it looks as if it would be very easy. Although sightreading the mistakes I played were reading errors. The program will contain some interesting modern music and the unevitable folk-songs. The other players don't believe me when I say I find folk music hard to play. Automatically I am drifting away into daydreams.

But now the fotos. First the two my friend Isa thought to be good. As I believe in her taste I'll post them to your pleasure.

This one is taken in Nyon. When watching the house with all the chimneys my impressions went from Moers Schrecksenmeister to a witches house

A flower. Isa enjoys the ant xD

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