August 17th, 2008


back from geneva

I just returned from geneva. It was a great day! First I met black_syringa in engelberg and the fun started. I'll tell you more tomorrow. I'm uploading pictures now.

Just some random pictures which I already found.

When I arrived naturally I had to wait for black_syringa to appear. so I took some pictures.

my charming company

and a foto I was curious how it would come out:

Now I'm watching the pictures - and try to resist the temptation to play my new lute the whole night through xD

Pictures from yesterday's trip to Geneva

as promised I have selected some pictures from the trip yesterday. It comes along with some music I played today on the lute I picked up yesterday.

black_syringa has taken some pictures of me playing the lute somewhere near the Cathedral and recorded a video, too.

But now my attempts:

A house near the cathedral.

Collapse )

"Il divino" Francesco da Milano: Fantasia (Ness Nr.28)

A very big thank you to Anna for everything and to Manolo for bringing me this instrument. This day was big fun: cultivated dialogs as well as sheer nonsense, marvelous landscape as well as beautifull cities, perfect company and even the weather was perfect.