August 8th, 2008


I love the police ...

Today we got a phone call from a police officer (our customer) who wanted to report "errors" - I had to leave the office because I couldn't resist laughing.
But it means to work again on that project for a while which I had hoped to finally finish.
I wonder if the project ever will be completed ...

Later I wondered if I should have asked Anna to meet in Zürich. It would have been a nice end of the week. But I decided not to ask. Young girls surely have better things to do ... xD

At home the CD with Klaus Kinski reading Dostojewskij arrived. Of couese I had to listen to it immediatly xD
These unbelieveable intense texts still are in my memory from my lecture years ago but hearing them read by Kinski (although recorded in the 60's) is an experience!

We had a marvelous evening sky again.

Then I tried to fotograph a couple of flowers. I like this foto somehow

I think I am watching a nice movie now ... or whatever

Just an excerp to show Kinski's appearance in comparision to J.Robarts and Mick Jagger (!)
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A new member of the family

Somehow I am ruining myself but .... 

A lute-friend from Barcelona is selling his lutes and I couldn't resist buying his 6-course lute by Grant Tomlinson.
He will be in Geneva next week and then I'll get the new baby - I'm looking forward to as well getting the lute as meeting Manolo who is professor for fotography in Barcelona which (as some readers may have detect) is one of my passions (although I am just an amateur). And ... I haven't been in Geneva for many years. So possibly also a little bit sight-seeing will be possible.