August 3rd, 2008


a relaxing and luteplaying day

today I decided to stay at hom, clean my room. And as this work was done I found some time to play a little bit on my lute. It was again too hot to seriously practice so I  justdigged through some books and played what I found. For fun I also recorded some.

From the first printed source with lute music a Recercare by F.Spinacino:

Then I changed to Mus.Ms.1512, a german source and played a Pavan (Paduana) with appended dance in triple time as it was common back then:

And finally "Der Fürstin Paurn Tantz" which would translate like the "The princess's rural dance"  - then my small cam went out of batteries. So not much  more music from me at this point. I nevertheless hope you enjoy the music a little bit.

Now spending some time with thinking about how to spent the evening ;-)
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